Our Youth intervention programs offers a mixture of emotional and practical support.

The initial concept of this programme was first introduced in 2014, with Brentwood Borough Council in partnership with Essex Police. Its main aim was to explore new and innovative ways to tackle issues affecting young people, not just in Brentwood but in other local communities. As part of this commitment we commissioned a pilot project called ‘Life Choices – Last Chances’ (LC-LC) which was aimed at young people who are most at risk from a variety of issues, such as Gang association and substance misuse.

Actions for Changes delivers a school intervention programme, adapted to support both primary and secondary school students (7-16). We are an ethnic minority lead organisation made up of a collective of industry professionals that have multiple years of experience within schools, CJS (Criminal Justice System) and the youth sector.

Our intervention uses the lived experience of the Actions for Changes team. We recognise the root cause of school exclusions and gang manipulation. We also recognise how the current costs of living crisis is making an enormous impact on a young person’s behaviour and attitude towards learning. We support young people in understanding the importance of remaining in education.

Most of our Actions for Changes team live in London and have a strong connection with families and communities. Parents who are worried about rising levels of knife and gang crime are incredibly supportive of our intervention.

Research has shown that Ethnic minority students are disproportionately excluded from school. Our intervention is specifically designed to change this and has the potential to scale.

We have identified that there are a lack of holistic approaches that support the prevention of negative behaviours, which could potentially make a child disengage from school, or lead to suspension and possibly permanent exclusion, which may render a young person at risk of gang (county lines) activities, criminal, sexual exploitation or substance misuse.

Actions for Changes deliver a series of 6-week (1 hour per week) Stay in Schools intervention programme. Each 6-weeks programme supports approx 10-15 young people.

Please get in touch via our info@actionsforchanges.co.uk to find out more.

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Actions for Changes supports two age groups 11-16 and 16-18.

The initial concept of this programme was first introduced in 2014, with Brentwood Borough Council in partnership with Essex Police.

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