2022 Schools- PRU intervention

Actions for Changes is excited to have just completed delivery of our Stay in Schools program, designed to support students at risk of exclusion to a cohort of students at Beacon High School. The students were inspiring young people with much potential and we hope our support assists them in remaining in school and realising that potential. We look forward to working with Beacon High School again later this year.

Summer Workshop projects 2021

The initial concept of this programme was first introduced in 2014, with Brentwood Borough Council in partnership with Essex Police. Its main aim was to explore new and innovative ways to tackle issues affecting young people, not just in Brentwood but in other local communities. As part of this commitment we commissioned a pilot project called ‘Life Choices – Last Chances’ (LC-LC) which was aimed at young people who are most at risk from a variety of issues, such as Gang association and substance misuse.

Our new initiative builds upon that work and takes it several steps further. Actions for Changes supports two age groups, 11-16 and 16-18. We work with young people who have been excluded, are at risk of permanent exclusion and / or have been identified as being most at risk of involvement in serious youth violence, gangs, sexual exploitation or criminal exploitation (including county lines).