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Our interventions


Actions for Changes deliver an ‘in and after’ school intervention programme targeted at supporting young people (aged 11-16) with complex needs to stay in school.

We identify the root cause of school exclusion, gang manipulation, and support young people to understand the importance of remaining in education.

We have received funding from the Black Fund to polit our new ‘Stay in School’ exclusion work booklet.

We are proposing to support 4 groups of young people to participate in a weekly 1 hour 6-week programme. Support approximately 10 young people per cohort.

As part of the intervention Actions for Changes team will also include a one to one with parents explaining the benefits of the intervention.


We have developed a booklet to aid and track engagement with young people designed to assist re-engagement with learning.

Our booklet focuses on helping young people visualise their future positively, recognise and address the possible barriers that could hold them back from the success they deserve.

Pupils participating in the programme undergo ongoing one-to-one and group intercession which aids young people to learn new skills, understand their life options/choices and explore the consequences of their actions both positive and not so positive.

All our sessions are laid out to facilitate young people to gain a clearer insight into how their unique early decisions can dramatically impact their future life path. We highlight the benefits of making the appropriate lifestyle choices.

Participants are offered tools to better negotiate various barriers they might face in their young lives and strategies for how they can better manage situations they find challenging in the school environment.


  • What makes me misbehave
  • Why my behaviour matters
  • When to take time out
  • How to calm down
  • How I feel about myself
  • Managing my emotions
  • Understanding factors out of your control
  • Your individuality
  • Choices for your future
  • About the decisions you make
  • What I don’t like about school
  • Why attendance matters
  • Negative influences and how to say no.


Teachers, Heads of Year and SLT


Young People: Often young people find it hard to articulate their concerns and challenges. Our intervention allows them space to reflect and present a more enlightened version of themselves.

Teachers: Teachers have a variety of pressures and may often be unaware of some of the environmental and contextual issues impacting their pupils’ lives. Chaotic inner-city home lives are frequently reflected in the behaviour of pupils. This intervention will assist and broaden the understanding of Teachers and NQT’s making them more aware of some of the hurdles their students must clear to reach their classroom each day.

Care Giver/Parents: As part of the intervention parent / carers are offered a one-hour planning session regarding their child, and an overview of topics we cover and how they can play their part to address each concern.


Actions for Changes provides a holistic approach to youth engagement. We provide a professional safe environment for vulnerable young people to express themselves and feel heard.

We offer a mixture of emotional and practical support reaching youth at the earliest stage to help them recognise their strengths, address possible barriers, and build more positive pathways in their lives.

With our empathic approach towards individuals and their circumstances, we aim to provide appropriate practical tools and language to communicate effectively.

Opening lines of communication is key to understanding ongoing issues for individual young people; this makes it easier for a student to ask for help and know what it is they need help with.

Our aim is to keep young people in full time education, help them understand their role and responsibilities towards themselves.