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Actions for Changes have partnered with grassroots charity Local Village Network (LVN) to offer mentoring and career advice. LVN has identified a lack of networks as a significant barrier to finding positive pathways. LVN will support young people attending Actions for Changes by offering young people the chance to meet with industry professionals that can enhance their understanding of their future self while developing essential life-ready skills. LVN Power of an Hour model empowers youth by providing flexibility and choice over the types of adults they want to meet. Evidence shows that when they meet ‘10 different professional(s), it is proven to have a real positive impact on their lives.

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Every young participant receives their own LVN Personal Development Plan

  • Adds value to CVs and job applications
  • Provide valuable material for interviews
  • Content for personal statements, apprenticeship applications
  • Give them the ability and confidence to network with professionals
  • Help them identify and celebrate their own unique skillset and value
  • Networking and social intelligence
  • Communication and presentation
  • Value of building and maximising on relationships

We have partnered with Suited and Booted, they are a charity that provides FREE interview clothing and interview advice. Young people participating in our 16-18 programme will be provided with work suits that will increase their self-confidence and ability to take on a professional persona.

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Crucial to us supporting young people, is our ability to identify learning gaps. To do this our Educational Psychologist lead uses GoLearn which is an AI intervention and assessment platform that produces real-time comprehensive student data and instantly create personalised learning plans for each participant.

Actions for Changes founder Chris Cowie was instrumental in bringing this resource into development.

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