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15 mins One-to-One


During the creative group sessions and taking of a meal all individuals are given a 15 minute one-to-one with programme staff. This is an opportunity to support any immediate concerns and empower young people to make a difference. It is also another opportunity to aid relationship building and further the relational approach. Our experts are trained in addressing the following: Self-esteem, anger, family, peer pressure and recognising exploitative relationships. This form of engagement helps reduce the negative impact from past exclusions and helps increase their positive outlook for their future, initially Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) and Trauma. It is essentially using the therapeutic relationship and sessions to explore how earlier experiences and traumas informs some of their thinking, behaviour and conscious and unconscious choices today our Interventions would be baseline assessed to measure improvement and combine parent and young person voice.

The talks and the creative workshops enable staff to build a rapport and attend to individual needs in a non-intimidating environment. The workshops are intended to form positive relationships and to enable a change in mindset and attitude to equip them with employability and life skills.

The young people will be supported over the six weeks so that they are given the best opportunity to ensure that they make the right choices for their future. Many projects offer excellent diversionary opportunities but fall down on developing any meaningful support and exit strategy for the young person. This is where Actions for Changes will be different. There are many options following attendance of the first session. The young people developing the first steps to a positive mindset. After the first session young people will develop a more positive mindset towards their future.