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Creative intervention


Actions for Changes Music Related Creative Industries workshop is run by highly focused role models, exponents in their field who possess expert tools and essential experience. We at Action for Changes exercise our acute understanding and appreciation of their plight by assuring they become involved in joyful collaborations, empowering disciplines, motivating responsibilities, problem solving, and mutual respect.

With lyrical endeavours we explore common poetic devices and a variety of alternative rhyme. With assumptions we explore a groups transferable skills.

Levels of realization and clarity often bring forth new perspectives; with inspiration and empowerment embedded in many fun literacy and numeracy activities, our referrals are commonly able to make conscious shifts towards making better choices.

The wealth of this programme is in the joyful sharing. By creating potentially timeless works of art from embryonic song ideas to potentially global accessible master recordings easily become a proud step towards employment preparations and subsequent opportunities.

Youth at risk are hence able to recognize and fully appreciate the potential prospect of receiving income via their ownership of Intellectual property copyrights in a song, a recording or performance.

By acknowledging an all-inclusive ethos, a door of perception often opens…Perhaps for the first time in their lives a young person may realize their dreams and aspirations which encourages a true levels of will and determination.

All the above serves as a direct route for our youth to achieve long overdue levels of balance.

‘Essential equilibrium combined with new found choices’!


This creative workshop gives young people a voice through the lens of the camera enabling them to express themselves through what and how they capture it!

The Action for Change photography workshop will introduce the participants to the process of looking, awareness of visual imagery and how to control the camera to capture the desired result. They will be shown different perspectives on visual language, a new world of photographic imagery: from historical archives, professional practice and contemporary images. Awakening awareness to the things around us, how we read things, people, situations and the way visual imagery shapes perception, communities and culture.

This workshop is for beginners to photography, revealing the fundamentals that will give the participants: a solid understanding of how the camera works; how images can be enhanced and modified; to develop photographic and computer technical skills. In understanding how to shoot portraits this will include: how to read situations, personalities and how adapt to new situations to result in capturing powerful portraits.

Working with the participants in building a portfolio of work, understanding the editing process, saving images to cloud storage and modify their own images. In the process achieving an Arts Award Accreditation.

There is never a single approach to something photographed, we all experience and reconstruct what we see and need in the moment. We are fortunate to be able to record visual digitally, enabling us to look back on these 2D representations and learn from the experience. We can certainly learn from what is around us, nurture and develop our own visual libraries and personal narratives.


Cycling has always been popular among young people often being their first mode of wheeled transport under their control or ownership. Since the 2012 Olympics over 3 million bikes are sold in the UK each year. During the first lockdown in 2020 between April to June over 1.3 million bikes were sold indicating the increasing popularity of cycling as both a form of exercise and a mode of transport. Over 45% of people aged 5+ in the UK own or have access to a bike. Many young people own bikes but lack the skills to maintain, repair and keep their bike roadworthy.

The young people involved in the project learn bike basics, maintenance and repair, and how to fix one to a ‘roadworthy’ state. This initiative was conceived and designed to support young people to gain useful practical skills and assist in engaging young people who might not engage in less hands on activities. It aims to support and engage pupils who are at risk of being excluded from the education system.

Young people will have the opportunity to work on both their own bikes and stolen cycles which have been seized by Police, vandalised cycles, discarded cycles or abandoned cycles which have gone unclaimed by the owners and have subsequently been donated to the project. This allows them to give something back to the community where donated and repaired bikes are then donated on to community organisations to provide to worthy recipients. It also provides opportunity to ensure their own cycles are safe and roadworthy.

It’s clear that all our young people would benefit from cycle mechanics with the hands-on, and transferable skills it offers and we saw the offer of the programme as a positive and valuable addition to the programmes we are able to offer.

Keep fit & Wellbeing sessions Lukki Lashley

Gaining my first qualification in 2013 I started coaching. I started off playing football and soon went on to joining an athletics club. I love to dance and workout to music. I am very passionate about the work I do and love coaching.

My key focus is getting participants to engage using their core stability. I specialize in posture and mobility, working on range of movement. Use of sports and fitness to regulate emotions. Aiding participants to learn how to physically be active and engage socially through team building activities and games. Fitness activity helps to develop social, thinking, emotional skills. Sessions are designed to provide educational activities and experiences for young people to be active and interactive.

As part of Arsenal in the Community’s social inclusion work, I work at a number of local pitches in Hackney and Islington. These pitches have been refurbished to create places for young people to play and feel a sense of belonging and connection to Arsenal.

I have also delivered projects with Hackney and Islington council coaching under 25 year olds. Giving every young person the opportunity to access sport. Inspiring young players to become sports leaders and take lead in coaching and supporting sessions. I have delivered sessions to mixed groups, boys and girls only and I have skills in successfully engaging all groups of young people regardless of age, gender, background or ability level.