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In and After School Intervention

Our team of experts deliver in and after school intervention to help prevent exclusion. We offer a combination of group and one-to-one support.

Supporting 11-16 year olds

6 weeks

Our carefully designed programmes is aimed at helping 11-16 year olds explore the potential consequences of their life decisions while identifying their strengths. Each young person receives their own Action for Changes work booklet. Over the 6 week intervention they hear the powerful testimonials from individuals sharing their experience of gang/sexual exploitation or substance misuse. The purpose of these talks is to persuade the young people to re-engage back into the learning environment.

Alongside the talks and reflective work books, the 11-16 yrs olds also participate in our creative photography, music workshops. Collectively these sessions tap into the young people’s thoughts and emotions to help bring out their creativity whilst addressing confidence, self-esteem and communication issues.

Supporting 16-19 year olds

6 weeks

Like our 11-16 programme, our 16-19 programmes uses music and photography as a hook, they too meet with individuals ready to share their testimonials and experience.

The 16-19 work booklet helps guide the young people into making decisions that enable them to become positive role models in the community.

The mentoring support goes to another level working in partnership with Local Village Network (LVN). 16-19 year olds can access LVN’s Power of an Hour pool of professional volunteers who are prepared to provide assets-based micro-mentoring support to help the young people prepare for the world of work.