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Parental engagement

Parental engagement is crucial to change

Actions for Changes includes engaging with the parent-carers, to provide them with the support that will enable them to follow the journey their child has embarked on, and it is imperative that the parent is also supported equally to embrace and support change within their child. The parent-carers will be referred to relevant agencies/services dependent of their needs.

Actions for Changes is a safe environment that carries family values of trust, nurture and inclusion. We ensure that both the young person and the parent is heard and supported throughout.

Our parental engagement lead has extensive knowledge and experience of working with families and is a qualified Parental Engagement practitioner.

We will provide

  • Open and honest conversation with the parent on the referral process
  • Opportunity for parents to share concerns with us
  • Create a safe space where parents trust to ask for help – parents not stuck with what to do
  • Identify support in their locality and ensure they are aware of agencies that provide relevant support and services
  • Opportunity to volunteer / contribute
  • Hot meal – no need to worry for that evening
  • Feedback from young people ‘My mum is not seeing it’; helping parents to understand their child’s perspective
  • Build a reputation of Actions for Changes make young people want to be part of it